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Pathfinder One-Shot

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The cover of Sundered Waves.

Paizo's Pathfinder One-Shot product line is a downloadable adventure line introduced in March 2021.1

Pathfinder One-Shots provide an ongoing series of single-session adventures designed to fill three to four hours of game play. Each includes pregenerated characters to make it easy to jump into the action right away. The character sheets are beautifully illustrated and contain fully-developed characters with backstories related to the adventure that make for great cooperative storytelling around the gaming table.1

Pathfinder One-Shots can be played for Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild credit, or simply as short, casual, standalone adventures.1

As Paizo has embraced more digital initiatives, the ability to present gaming content in a digital form is an important component to contemporary gaming, and One-Shots provide players with what they need to play on virtual tabletops and across other platforms of choice. With the high-resolution maps and image handouts included, these adventures should be easy to add to various virtual tabletops. Fantasy Grounds plans to have these available in March 2021, with other partners working on making these available natively on their platforms. Paizo has no plans to offer these adventures as a subscription or print product.1


Sundered Waves by Jason Bulmahn, was the first Pathfinder One-Shot released on March 6, 2021. To celebrate the launch of the new product line, Sundered Waves was accompanied by two free web supplements—a set of pregenerated characters and some digital wallpapers1—and a livestream.


On Saturday 6 March 2021, from the Gen Con Spring Showcase, Paizo sponsored a livestream on the GenConTV Twitch channel called Pathfinder One Shot: Sundered Waves at Gen Con (direct link) based on the adventure to celebrate the launch of the new product line. Afterwards, the recording was published on Paizo's YouTube channel. The livestream featured the return of the original cast of the livestream series of Pathfinder Beginner Box: Troubles in Otari.


Cover Title Release Date Author Level Location
Sundered Waves. Sundered Waves Sundered Waves 20210306 March 6, 2021 Bulmahn Jason Bulmahn 05 5th Shackles
Dinner at Lionlodge Dinner at Lionlodge Dinner at Lionlodge 20210530 May 30, 2021 Jacobs James Jacobs 04 4th Varisia
Head-Shot the Rot Head-Shot the Rot Head-Shot the Rot 20211027 October 27, 2021 Sayre Michael Sayre 03 3rd Alkenstar
Mark of the Mantis Mark of the Mantis Mark of the Mantis 20220223 February 23, 2022 Compton John Compton 06 6th Absalom


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