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Tax investigation and enforcement
Prevent fraud and tax evasion
Global, local foci
Clergy of Abadar, primarily inquisitors
Source: Inner Sea Gods, pg(s). 16

Taxmasters are Abadarans who enforce laws that require all to pay their fair share of a community's burden. They are known to use less savory means, including threats and intimidation, to ensure they receive rightful taxes due to the community from tax-dodgers, thieves, and fraudsters, and it is not unheard of for an enforcer to cause harm in their effort to procure all funds due from the less cooperative members of a community.1

As a result, Taxmasters are generally unpopular, and they cover their faces with yellow veils or golden masks to avoid direct association with their oft-despised role in a community. Despite this sentiment, Taxmasters are often dedicated workers, and older or infirm enforcers continue to serve by conducting legal research and investigations.1

In Zimar

In Zimar, the Abadaran cathedral known as the House of Gold trains an elite unit of paramilitary Taxmasters called the Golden Templars.2

In Oppara

In Oppara, rumors—stridently disputed by the church of Abadar—suggest that Taxmasters employ a vincuvicar in a secret underground prison.3


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