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Mikko Kallio

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Mikko Kallio
Homepage A Sword for Hire
Hometown Helsinki, Finland
Position Freelance contributor

Mikko Kallio is a freelance RPG designer. He's been involved in four RPG Superstar contests: as an alternate in 2011, Top 32 contestant in 2012, Top 4 finalist in 2014, and judge in 2015.[1]

Pathfinder credits

Title Date Volume (Page)
Adventurer's Armory 2 1706 June 2017
Ancients' Anguish 1511 November 2015 PFS7-11
Bestiary 92 "Bestiary" #92 1504 April 2015 PF92
Bestiary 96 "Bestiary" #96 1507 July 2015 PF96
Dirty Tactics Toolbox 1509 September 2015 DTT
Golden Guardian, The The Golden Guardian 1503 March 2015 PFS6-16
Heroes of the Streets 1509 September 2015 HotS
Heroes of the Wild 1504 April 2015 HotW
Occult Bestiary 1509 September 2015 OB
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