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{{Age}} returns the number of full years between two specified dates. If the second set of parameters is not included, it will return the number of full years between a specified date and today's date.





returns 13


returns 32

When using this template to calculate a person's age at death or a person's age on a specified date (rather than the person's current age), please substitute it into the page (see Help:Substitution).


When entering dates before the Common Era, use astronomical year numbering: 1 BCE is represented by 0, 2 BCE by -1, 3 BCE by -2 etc. For example, the following expression returns the number of full years elapsed since the battle of Cannae, which took place on August 2, 216 BCE:


returns 2236

(BCE is exactly the same as BC, so August 2, 216 BCE is also August 2, 216 BC)
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This template does not check for incorrect input:


returns 12 (surplus days do not count as extra months)


returns 13 (surplus months do not count as extra years)

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