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{{Age/AR}} estimates the number of years in Absalom Reckoning between two dates, just as {{Age}} calculates years between real-world dates. It takes the same parameters as {{Age}} and simply adds 2,700 to the current real-world year in order to align it with the wiki's policy for converting publication dates to AR dates.


{{Age/AR|start year|start month number|start day|end year|end month number|end day}}

In order, the template takes as unnamed parameters:

start year
The year of the measured timespan's beginning, such as a birth year.
start month number
The number of the month for the measured timespan's beginning. For example, the first month of Abadius is 1, the second month of Calistril is 2, etc.
start day
The day of the month for the measured timespan's beginning.
end year, month number, and day (optional)
The end of the measured timespan, such as a date of death. If omitted, the template uses the current year, month, and day advanced by 2,700 years in alignment with publication date estimates.


{{Age/AR|4615|1|2}} years old
results in

107 years old

This value changes as time passes in reality, as the end date is always the current real-world date estimated in Absalom Recknoning.

{{Age/AR|4615|1|2|4715|1|1}} years old
results in

99 years old

This value always remains the same as time passes, because both the start and end dates are specified.