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This is part of {{ArticleSpawner}} and should appear above the editing area when creating a Person article using {{ArticleSpawner/Person}}.
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For basic help editing wiki content, see the PathfinderWiki tutorial.

For specific help creating and categorizing articles about people, see the PathfinderWiki Help article about writing articles about people.

For help using the {{Person}} infobox template, see its documentation.

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Writing an article about a person

The term "person" is used quite loosely to mean any distinct inhabitant of the Pathfinder campaign setting. An article about a person could be about a human, a dwarf, or even a dragon, as long as it's about one specific human, dwarf, or dragon. If your article is about a species or race of creatures, you should see Help:Writing an article about a creature.

You should begin the article by filling in the {{Person}} template's fields. The template automatically knows only to display the information that you fill in, so if you leave any of the fields blank, they will just not be displayed. In other words, you don't need to (and shouldn't) remove blank infobox fields.

For an example of a person article, see Ileosa Arabasti. You might also want to refer to the policy on citing sources to provide references for the statements in your article.

The sections provided below are examples of common or recommended sections. To use them, remove the comment markup (<!-- and -->) and remember to remove the sample text as well. They're optional, but if you aren't using them, leave them in to help future editors!