Template:Cite/The Seventh Arch

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This template is meant to be used inside <ref></ref> tags.You probably want to use {{Ref|The Seventh Arch}} instead.This template should not be edited directly. To change the contents, please edit Facts:The Seventh Arch instead.

Creates a citation text for use in <ref></ref> tags.

Template parameters


A book page or webfiction chapter number or something like "inside cover".

end page2

If parameter 1 is a page and you want to reference a range of pages, this should be set to the last page of the range.

show asshow as

If set, shows this instead of the location derived from parameters 1 and 2.



Without location

{{Cite/The Seventh Arch}}

James L. Sutter & Patrick Renie. The Seventh Arch. Paizo Inc., 2023

With arbitrary location

{{Cite/The Seventh Arch|any location}}

James L. Sutter & Patrick Renie. The Seventh Arch, any location. Paizo Inc., 2023

{{Cite/The Seventh Arch|15|show as=shown location}}

James L. Sutter. “The Seventh Arch” in The Seventh Arch, shown location. Paizo Inc., 2023

With page, page range, or a specific location

{{Cite/The Seventh Arch|2|5}}

Patrick Renie. “Gatewalkers: A Campaign Introduction” in The Seventh Arch, 2–5. Paizo Inc., 2023

{{Cite/The Seventh Arch|6|65}}

James L. Sutter. “The Seventh Arch” in The Seventh Arch, 6–65. Paizo Inc., 2023

{{Cite/The Seventh Arch|66|77}}

James L. Sutter. “Adventures on Castrovel” in The Seventh Arch, 66–77. Paizo Inc., 2023

{{Cite/The Seventh Arch|78}}

Patrick Renie & James L. Sutter. “Adventure Toolbox” in The Seventh Arch, 78. Paizo Inc., 2023