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Patrick Renie

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Patrick Renie
Renie at work on a Hawaiian farm
Born May 6, 1989
Hometown Gig Harbor, WA
Position Freelancer; Paizo Inc. developer, 2011–2014, 2018–present

Patrick Renie is a developer at Paizo Inc. and lives in Seattle, Washington.


Patrick was raised in Gig Harbor, Washington, and studied at Western Washington University, where he received a BA in creative writing. He hired on as an editorial intern at Paizo Publishing, LLC in spring of 2010 and began freelance writing for Pathfinder products shortly thereafter. His first monster, the dweomercat, was published in Pathfinder Adventure Path #36.

In July 2011, Paizo hired him as a developer with his work focused primarily on Player Companion and Campaign Setting product lines.

In early 2012, Patrick helped direct the relaunch of the Player Companion line with both F. Wesley Schneider and James L. Sutter, transitioning the previously bimonthly line to a monthly schedule and redesigning numerous aspects of the line and its products.

In October 2014, Patrick left Paizo to become a copywriter at DigiPen,[1] but remained an active freelance author and community member.

Four years later in November 2018, Patrick returned to Paizo as a developer after a sabbatical on a farm in Hawaii.[2]

Pathfinder credits

Title Date Volume (Page)
Alchemy Manual 1404April 2014 AM
Animal Archive 1302February 2013 AA
Bestiary 36"Bestiary" #36 1007July 2010 PF36 (78)
Bestiary 38"Bestiary" #38 1009September 2010 PF38 (78)
Bestiary 39"Bestiary" #39 1011November 2010 PF39 (78)
Bestiary 43"Bestiary" #43 1103March 2011 PF43 (76)
Bestiary 44"Bestiary" #44 1104April 2011 PF44 (82)
Bestiary 45"Bestiary" #45 1105May 2011 PF45 (82)
Bestiary 47"Bestiary" #47 1107July 2011 PF47 (78)
Bestiary 51"Bestiary" #51 1110October 2011 PF51 (82)
Bestiary 52"Bestiary" #52 1111November 2011 PF52 (80)
Bestiary 81"Bestiary" #81 1405May 2014 PF81 (80)
Champions of Balance 1403March 2014 CoB
Continuing the Campaign"Continuing the Campaign" 1202February 2012 PF54 (62)
Dragons Unleashed 1306June 2013 DU
Inner Sea Bestiary 1211November 2012 ISB
Magical Marketplace 1312December 2013 MM
NPC Codex 1211November 2012 NPCC
Oceans of Golarion"Oceans of Golarion" 1205May 2012 PF56 (58)
Wardens of the Reborn Forge 1312December 2013 WotRF
Web of Corruption 1106June 2011 PFS2-24
Champions of Balance 1403March 2014 CoB
The Cyphermage Dilemma 1202February 2012 PFS4-16
Jade Regent Player's Guide 1108August 2011 JRPG
Knights of the Inner Sea 1209September 2012 KotIS
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