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{{Credit}} forms a row within an author's table of publication credits. See {{Creditsopen}} and {{Creditsclose}} for details.





| sort    = 
| article = 
| book    = 
| month   = 
| year    = 
| page    = 

Parameters and examples

In the simple form, provide each parameter in order:

{{Credit|Advanced Class Guide|August|2014}}
{{Creditsclose|Jason Bulmahn}}
Title Date Volume (Page)
Advanced Class Guide 1408 August 2014
See also: Category:Works by Jason Bulmahn

In the complex form, the only required parameters are book, month, and year.

sort (optional)
A sorting key for the book or article title, such as Bastards of Erebus, The.
article (optional)
The title of the credited article, if relevant, such as "Bestiary". If provided, this overrides the book parameter for the Title column display text only.
The title of the credited book. This should match the title of that book's wiki article.
The book or article's month of publication. This should be the unabbreviated month, such as November.
The book or article's year of publication. This should be the four-digit year, such as 2009.
page (optional)
The page number for the article, if relevant.
| sort    = Worldwound Incursion, The
| article = "The Worldwound Incursion"
| book    = The Worldwound Incursion
| month   = August
| year    = 2013
| page    = 6
| sort    = Thousand Miles to Absalom, A
| article = "A Thousand Miles to Absalom" (''[[The Compass Stone]]'')
| book    = A Memory of Darkness
| month   = December
| year    = 2008
| page    = 72
{{Credit|Second Darkness|August|2008|SD}}
{{Creditsclose|Amber E. Scott}}
Title Date Volume (Page)
Worldwound Incursion, The"The Worldwound Incursion" 1308 August 2013 The Worldwound Incursion (6)
Thousand Miles to Absalom, A"A Thousand Miles to Absalom" (The Compass Stone) 0812 December 2008 A Memory of Darkness (72)
Second Darkness 0808 August 2008
See also: Category:Works by Amber E. Scott