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{{hlist}} generates a horizontal bullet-delimited list from its parameters. It works best in situations where wiki lists (using asterisks) may not render correctly, such as image captions.

Want to make a horizontal list from an inline or transcluded wiki list? Don't use {{hlist}}. Use {{flatlist}} or apply the .hlist CSS class.

To use horizontal lists in navboxes, see Template:Navbox/doc. To view the .hlist class, see MediaWiki:Common.css.


| List item 1
| List item 2
| List item 3
| List item 4

{{hlist}} also takes some optional styling parameters:

class (optional)
A CSS class to apply to the entire list, specifically in the <div> that encloses the list.
indent (optional)
A numeric value to indent the list. This is multiplied by 1.6 and converted to ems. Default is 0.
style, ul_style, li_style, li_stylen (optional)
CSS style attributes applied to the <div>, <ul>, all <li>, and per-item <li> tags, respectively.


{{hlist |
| [[Aroden]]
| [[Desna]]
| [[Rovagug]]
| [[Zyphus]]

results in:

For transcluded lists using wiki markup, consider {{flatlist}}.