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Proposal to move article
It has been proposed that Template:Move be renamed and moved to [[:{{{1}}}]]. Please see the discussion on Template talk:Move.

After a decision has been reached, please move the page and remove this notice, or request further assistance on the above discussion page.

Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)
Subpages of this template:

Use: This template is used when you want to propose to move contents from the current page to a <destination page>.
{{move| <destination page>}}

<destination page> is the page where you intend to move the contents of the current page; if the destination page is a category, you'll have to add the prefix “:” to its full name.
Full form: Optionally, you may include other items.

{{move| <destination page> | reason= | discussion= | frommessage= }}

  • reason=<reason> is optional. Here, you can concisely explain the reason of your proposal.
  • discussion=<discussion page> is optional. The page where discussion about the move is taking place. For a non-talk page, the matching talk page can have the whole discussion and should have a link to the discussion if elsewhere.
  • frommessage=<from message> If omitted, the pagename is given. Optionally, the desired message might include a date eg: '...It is proposed that on 2024-02-28, Template:Move, be renamed...'. The bit in the green text would be the desired <from message>.

Note: Pages using this template will be placed into Category:Articles to be moved