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Use: This template is used when you want to propose to move contents from the current page to a <destination page>.
{{move| <destination page>}}

<destination page> is the page where you intend to move the contents of the current page; if the destination page is a category, you'll have to add the prefix “:” to its full name.

Full form: Optionally, you may include other items.

{{move| <destination page> | reason= | discussion= | frommessage= }}

  • reason=<reason> is optional. Here, you can concisely explain the reason of your proposal.
  • discussion=<discussion page> is optional. The page where discussion about the move is taking place. For a non-talk page, the matching talk page can have the whole discussion and should have a link to the discussion if elsewhere.
  • frommessage=<from message> If omitted, the pagename is given. Optionally, the desired message might include a date eg: '...It is proposed that on 2019-11-13, Template:Move/doc, be renamed...'. The bit in the green text would be the desired <from message>.

Note: Pages using this template will be placed into Category:Articles to be moved