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Template:Product status/doc

From PathfinderWiki

{{Product status}} is for use on sourcebook meta pages. All of the parameters are optional. Those omitted or left blank are automatically marked as To Do.


{{Product status
| cite        = 
| toc         = 
| authorpage  = 
| authorcat   = 
| date        = 
| authorlist  = 
| covertext   = 
| complete    = 


cite (optional) 
The citation template has been created.
toc (optional) 
The table of contents has been created.
authorpage (optional) 
An author page exists for each author (if not, create those needed) and each author's page includes a listing of the product. Example: Adam Daigle
authorcat (optional) 
The category list includes "Works by XXX" for each author. This is often auto-created if Template:Book is completed properly.
date (optional) 
The release date has been updated, book pricing is accurate, and the {{announced}} template has been removed.
authorlist (optional) 
The authors appear on the Template:Pathfinder contributors navbox
covertext (optional) 
The back cover text appears near the top of the article inside of the {{Quote}} template.
complete (optional) 
the entire book has been read and all canonical items have been incorporated into the wiki.