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This page is affiliated with the Needs project parameter project.
Project leader: Administrators
DiscussionProject talk:Needs project parameter.

Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)

{{Project}} creates a {{Notice}} box for projects.

Notices for projects can be added as subpages to this template. For examples, see {{Project/Images}} and {{Project/NRI}}.


| project = 
| leader  = 
| image   = 
| size    = 
| text    = 
| wip     = 
| categorize = 
| abbr    = 


The page's affiliated project, such as Images for Project:Images.
The project's leader. If omitted, it uses Project:Administrators.
image (optional)
An image associated with the project. Provide only the filename; the "File:" prefix and wikilink markup will not work. If omitted, this uses File:Compass rose 150.png.
size (optional)
Size the image using standard MediaWiki image sizing syntax. By default, images are 64px wide and their height is proportional.
text (optional)
The notice box's text. If omitted, it contains "This page is associated with the project project." using value of the project parameter.
wip (optional)
If true, this adds the Category:Works in progress category.
categorize (optional)
If true, this adds Category:Projects and sorts it as defined by the project parameter (such as [[Category:Projects|'''project''' project]].
abbr (optional)
The project abbreviation, used in place of Category:Projects if provided.


| project = Images
| leader  = [[User:Oznogon]]
| image   = Imron Gauthfallow.jpg

results in:

Imron Gauthfallow.jpg

This page is affiliated with the Images project.
Project leader: User:Oznogon
DiscussionProject talk:Images.

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