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Listed here are ongoing projects which are being undertaken by contributors to the wiki in an effort to improve the site, both in terms of content and organization. Each link below will take you to the specific project page, where you can find more information on the specific goals and progress of that project.

Active projects

Content projects

Content projects aim to improve the types of content available across the wiki.

Editing projects

Editing projects attempt to improve the quality and depth of content across the wiki.

Inclusion initiatives

See also: Category:Inclusion initiatives

Inclusion initiatives track and coordinate the addition of content from specific major publications.

Layout projects

Layout projects improve the formatting and presentation of wiki content.

Organizational projects

Organizational projects restructure wiki content to make it easier to query, discover, and connect.

Inactive projects

See also: Category:Defunct projects

These projects are no longer active, such as completed projects or those superseded by other projects.