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Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)


{{Successionbox}} is a navigational template designed to link successive lineages, such as for heads of state.

It can be called directly, or via an intermediate template that consistently pre-populates some of its fields for repeated usage or categorization purposes. See {{Korvosa monarchy successionbox}} for an example, and Eodred Arabasti II for an example of it in use.


| title  = 
| name   = 
| before = 
| after  = 

| beforeas = 
| details  = 
| afteras  = 

| tablestyle   = 
| rowstyle     = 
| beforestyle  = 
| currentstyle = 
| afterstyle   = 
The title of the position or lineage.
name (optional)
The name of the person holding the position. By default, it uses the current {{PAGENAME}}.
before (optional)
The previous article in the lineage.
after (optional)
The next article in the lineage.
beforeas, afteras (optional)
Adds a second line to the before or after sections, respectively, preceded by "as", to designate a difference in title from the current holder.
details (optional)
Adds a third line to the current holder's section for additional context, such as a timespan.
tablestyle, rowstyle, beforestyle, currentstyle, afterstyle (optional)
CSS styles for each component of the box.