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Eodred Arabasti II

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Eodred Arabasti II
King Eodred Arabasti II of Korvosa

Arkapallus Arabasti
The Saffron King
The Stirge King
King of Korvosa
Source: Guide to Korvosa, pg(s). 62

King Eodred Arabasti II ruled the Varisian city of Korvosa until he was killed by his wife, Queen Ileosa Arabasti in 4708 AR.1


Reign of Eodred II

The son of Queen Domina, Eodred was born Arkapallus Arabasti, but took the name of the popular king Eodred Arabasti I in the hopes of riding the coattails of his namesake's successes.2 His reign was steady if unexceptional, and he was known for having a keen skill at dealing with the noble houses of both Korvosa and Cheliax. He negotiated numerous favorable trade agreements with Korvosa's former mother country, and was respected for initiating numerous good works within the city. His private life was marked by scandal and excessive spending, and Eodred was known for having an expensive liking for young women. It surprised no one, that when he finally married in 4704 AR, it was a woman a third his age.34

Murder of a king

It was quite obvious from the start of their marriage that Ileosa was not fond of Korvosa—she called it a "backwater colonial village" on more than one occasion—or particularly fancied the king. What Eodred didn't realize is that she was more than just a spoiled (if incredibly attractive) Chelish noble child; she was also extremely ambitious and ruthless. What saved the king for the first few years of their marriage was that Ileosa was also a coward and quite unimaginative, and was unwilling or unable to devise a plan to commit regicide. All of this changed when Ileosa discovered the Fangs of Kazavon in the hidden treasure rooms below Castle Korvosa in late 4707 or early 4708 AR.3

Upon touching the legendary teeth of the blue dragon warlord Kazavon, she became infused with a part of his spirit. The dragon's spirit brought out the worst aspects of the Queen's personality, and lent it a cruel cunning far beyond her years. Guided by the dead dragon's spirit, Queen Ileosa quickly put new plans into motion in an effort to gather all of Korvosa's power to herself. Her first obstacle was her husband, King Eodred. Despite her most fervent wishes, the old man was still in good health, and showed no signs of wanting to divest himself of power. Ileosa contacted the Red Mantis assassins, but was rebuffed due to their policy of not targeting legitimate heads of state.3

Undeterred by this setback, the Queen instead focused her attention on a figure near the king whom she thought she could get to do her dirty work: his half-brother Venster. Hidden away in a tower of Castle Korvosa because of his parentage, Venster was deeply jealous of the king, but occasionally would play cards with him. Ileosa sought him out and quickly seduced him. From there it was easy enough to turn him against the King.3

Following the seduction, Ileosa procured a special poison from her Red Mantis contacts who, although unwilling to actually murder a monarch themselves, were happy to help someone else to do it. This poison administered over time created the appearance of a severe and incurable form of leprosy, which eventually killed King Eodred in 4708 AR.3


The unexpected death of the king was a great shock to the people of Korvosa, who had become quite fond of the old man in the past few years (this was largely due to their increasing hatred for his wife).3 The fact that his seeming illness could not be cured by the heads of the faiths of Sarenrae and Abadar left many of the noble and merchant classes uneasy. This, combined with the general dislike for the queen, led to immediate rioting in the city following the announcement of his death. This civil unrest continued until a scapegoat for Eodred's death was found in the unlikely form of the painter Trinia Sabor.56


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