Temple of Cayden Cailean (Lilywhite)

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The Temple of Cayden Cailean in the town of Lilywhite on Motaku Isle was founded in 4682 AR by the captains Shaggard Halleck and Delemona Burie. Shaggard and his friend were devotees of Cayden Cailean and they wanted to build a grand stone temple to the Drunken Hero. Shaggard was killed in an alcohol-fueled duel with a local fisherman in 4692 AR in that same temple.[1]

The large building is the most prominent building in town and is clearly marked as both a temple of Cayden Cailen and a popular tavern. It is known as Cailean's Keg by the locals. Cailean's Keg is owned and operated by the high cleric of the Accidental God in Lilywhite, Duwella Morin.[2]


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