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Thin Wisps

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Thin Wisps
Type Thieves' guild
Leader Kantha Elvignon
Headquarters Corentyn, Cheliax
Goals Thieves' Guild of Corentyn
Scope Local
Structure Secret
Members Thieves and rogues

Source: Cities of Golarion, pg(s). 23

The Thin Wisps is the only authorized thieves' guild in Corentyn. The guild pays taxes and percentages to the city just like any other trade organization, and receives only cursory punishments in return.[1][2]


The Thin Wisps are led by the female halfling, Kantha Elvignon, who suffers no questions about her rule, or infringements of the rules of the guild.[1]


The membership is dominated by halflings due mostly to the recruiting principles of Elvignon. This means the city's crime is dominated by halflings, making it more difficult for honest halflings to shrug off the preconceptions other races have about their race.[2] Members of the Thin Wisps use a chalk drawing of a ghost to identify themselves and their crimes in the city.[1]

Membership may be granted temporarily for halflings passing through the city by Elvignon. This keeps all crime under her control, plus she can take a cut of any business transacted. The visiting halflings, in return, are granted the protections afforded by the Wisps.[1]


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