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The Thistleguard

Absalom district watch
Captain Zharep Apul
Source: Absalom, City of Lost Omens, pg(s). 163ff.

The Thistleguard is the Ivy District watch led by Captain Zharep Apul. With tourism being one of the most profitable sources of income, the watch often turns a blind eye to minor crimes, especially when they are committed by foreigners. Instead, the guard spends its time enforcing strict regulations that forbid performances by artists who are not members in the Street Performers and Actors' Guild; it is no coincidence that the guild's leader, Alain Always, is also the council nomarch and the reason behind Captain Zharep Apul's deep depression and negligence of his duties.12

The guard's lackluster performance causes the Thistleguard to have little respect among the locals, and most prefer to turn to the Brotherhood of Abadar when given the chance.3


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