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Alain Always

Source: Guide to Absalom, pg(s). 32 (1E)
Absalom, City of Lost Omens, pg(s). 270 (2E)

Alain Always is a master thespian, a celebrated theater celebrity, and leader of both the Ivy District Council and the Street Performers and Actors' Guild. As a nomarch, he also has a seat on the Low Council. Alain does not shy away from utilizing his powers and political influence to advance his guild's interests by passing out biased laws and controlling the Thistleguard's actions, but his ambitions are growing rapidly, and he is starting to look beyond just the Ivy District.1

Alain Always is quite handsome, with dark skin, white hair, and icy-blue eyes. He is a busy, charismatic aiuvarin with a tendency to make everything his business. In the past, he travelled and entertained in courts all over Golarion, but has now retired from acting, only performing small cameos in the Ivy Playhouse—a theater he founded 4691 AR,2 one of his most beloved assets. He sometimes hosts private performances for wealthy patrons involving ethically questionable activities that would be scandalous if they got out to the public—and Alain takes extreme precautions to make sure that never happens.34


It is no secret that Alain has many male and female lovers and an active romantic life, and his numerous relationships are a popular gossip topic. One of his more famous relationships is with Etrenne Rylwynn: they have been good friends, some rumors say even lovers, for more than 30 years, and spend a lot of time together in Alyssia's, where Alain is a frequent and welcome guest.4 Another of Alain's close friends is Vita Aulamaxa, Ravounel's ambassador in Absalom, who is pushing for Cheliaxian opera singers to perform in Alain's Ivy Playhouse.5 Rumors say that Alain used to be friends with Sealord Amodjun during their adventuring days, but their relationship has turned sour and Amodjun vanished, only to recently reappear as a Sealord. Alain is greatly interested in Amojun's unexpected efforts to establish diplomatic ties with nations other than Absalom.4

Fronsac Shimm, the owner of the Gutless Griffon, and Alain are old enemies, but no one knows or remembers why. They, however, maintain mutual respect for each other. While his guild does not endorse the Gutless Griffon, Alain rarely pursues those who decide to perform in the tavern, and keeps Thistleguards away from the establishment.6

Alain had a public feud with another popular actor, Llew Gladwyn. Their conflict started when the two were selected to play the roles of rivals competing for a lady's affection, and Llew used his evocation magic to steal the spotlight and embarrass Alain. Although Alain has not openly retaliated yet, he is planning something that will end not just Llew's career, but his life too.7

Alain and Captain Zharep Apul, leader of the Thistleguard, are old nemeses. It is well known that Alain is the one who set up Zharep's downfall by orchestrating an illegal romantic affair. As a result, Apul has lost his paladinhood, fallen into deep depression and melancholy, and the Thistleguard has fallen under Alain's control. Bor Dralfo, the leader of the Brotherhood of Abadar, dislikes Alain for this part he played in increased lawlessness of the Ivy District, and the feeling is mutual.4


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