Alchemical remedy

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Alchemical remedy
Halflings eye a shelf of tinctures, a form of alchemical remedy.
(Alchemical item)

Alchemical remedy
Source: Ultimate Equipment, pg(s). 100

Alchemical remedies are alchemical items created by alchemists to ward against, or combat ongoing, ill effects. Remedies are often ingested in liquid form or applied to the skin.1


This list is unlikely to be comprehensive.2

Antidote or Antitoxin1
Syrup of ipecac3
the root of the ipecacuanha plant can be made into this strong emetic, sometimes called just syrup of ip
see Carapichea ipecacuanha
Tincture of wolfsbane3
made from wolfsbane
see Aconitum


A tincture is an alchemical remedy brewed in an alcoholic solution to increase its potency. Tinctures are typically more expensive and include drawbacks that potions and other alchemical remedies do not.4


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