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A goblin alchemist wields a small bomb with a lit fuse.
(Alchemical item)
Type Bomb
Images of bombs

Source: Advanced Player's Guide, pg(s). 28

A bomb is a portable explosive that is often designed to be fired, placed, or thrown before being detonated by a fuse, timer, or other apparatus. They range in scale from concealable smoke bomb distractions[1] to the siege weapon-scaled payloads that can devastate a city.[2]

While sometimes used as tools, bombs are generally associated with combative alchemists and ninjas,[1] and to a lesser extent with gunslingers, specialized wizards,[3] and specially trained rogues.[4] They are also favored by goblins, as much for their destructive potential as for their potential to go off with chaotic unpredictability.


Bombs are often comprised of a casing or canister filled with black powder. Their simple form makes them flexible ways to deliver destructive and deadly forces, such as metal balls, smoke, poisons, disease-spreading agents, flash powder. However, their volatility means they must be handled with care, and a poorly made or carelessly handled bomb can just as indiscriminately kill its owner or allies.[2]


Alchemists can enhance their bombs through admixture extracts. These infuse their bombs with magical effects and can greatly expand the devices' potential applications.[5]