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Twice-Born is a polite term for referring to undead, and typically only used within the Ankar-Te district of the Varisian city of Kaer Maga. Here, necromancy and the creation of undead is commonly practiced and accepted, and the twice-born can often be found working as servants for wealthy individuals.12

Twice-Born in Society

Being generally mindless, the tasks assigned to them are naturally quite simple, but can include such jobs as household servant, litter bearer, waiter, and even prostitute. This does not imply that the twice-born are held in the same esteem as the living. They are considered to be the property of their owner who think of them as little better than pack-animals, and who are also responsible for keeping them under control; destructive or aggressive undead are quickly put down by the general population, with the owner held responsible for any damage or injury caused. Their owners will often spray them with perfume, or hang them with fragrant herbs or flowers to mask the stench of decay.12 The city's infamous White Lady brothel uses Twice-Born as prostitutes.3

Sale of Twice-Born

A number of Ankar-Te's necromancers sell bound undead. The best undead are considered to come from Last Rites, although those looking for a cheaper option sometimes frequent Reanimations.3 Each customer is given a magical item known as a Death's head talisman to allow him to control the undead he has purchased.2


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