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Ankar-Te is the northeastern district of the Varisian city of Kaer Maga, located within its massive walls. As such, it is almost entirely "indoors", with no access to natural sunlight. It is also the most ethnically and culturally diverse district in the already very cosmopolitan city, with groups from Garund and even far-away Casmaron or Tian Xia being the most common. Even though some of the organisations within Ankar-Te are almost as ancient as the city itself, it still attracts many of the new immigrants to the city. The district is home of some of the most bizarre and in some cases downright abhorrent practices and traditions. Ankar-Te is especially well-known for being the only part of town where necromancy is openly accepted with citizens referring to the undead as the "Twice-Born". In fact, it is not unusual to see the rich being carried about on palanquins by their undead servants draped in flowers to cover the appalling smell. The undead are regarded as property akin to an animal and, at any sign of free will or thought, they are mercilessly put down. This attitude is quite the opposite of those in the distant undead kingdom of Geb.1

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