Twilight sages

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Twilight sages

Necromantic experimentation
Academic title
Source: Advanced Class Origins, pg(s). 2, 6 (1E)
Impossible Lands, pg(s). 166–167 (2E)

The Mortuarium in Yled, Geb, teaches a sub-school of necromancy to arcanists who experiment with the forces of life and death, including the necromantic manipulation of other living creatures. Graduates and practitioners of these specialized arts are known as twilight sages.123

The twilight sages' practices re-examine broader understandings about the nature of life and death, and also question the nature or existence of a divide between arcane and divine magic. Such experiments include the repeated forced resurrection of sentient beings through arcane magic, which is considered blasphemy in other parts of Golarion. As such, those named twilight sages by the Mortuarium tend to remain in Geb where such practices remain legal.3


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