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From PathfinderWiki
Nation Geb
Size Metropolis
Population 119,200

Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 77

Yled (pronounced EH-lehd)[1] is the largest city in the land of Geb and also home to most of its undead armies.[2]


Yled is located the north-eastern part of the country near the border with the Mana Wastes, and less than 50 miles inland from the Obari Ocean. The city is surrounded by the Bonewall, a curtain wall made entirely of bleached bones, which the local Blood Lord can animate for defense.[2]

Schools of magic

Yled is also home to a number of important necromantic colleges, the most well-known being the Mortuarium.[2] Miles below this structure, in a drained aquifer, the necromancers of Geb have bound (or convinced) a trio of nightshades to serve as a permanent well of necromantic energy for the city in a time of war. The most powerful of these is a creature simply known as the Bound One.[3]

These schools also attract arcanists, who travel to Geb to join the ranks of researchers known as the Twilight Sages.[4]