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From PathfinderWiki
Alignment Chaotic evil
Race/Species Gug
Class Barbarian 2
Homeland Sekamina
Orv originally

Source: Darklands Revisited, pg(s). 21

Uchurah is the leader of a gug camp living in Sekamina, near an entrance to the Midnight Mountains, its birthplace. Born in a camp that worshipped a nearby umbral dragon, Uchurah was the heir of the camp's spiritual leader until increasingly visceral nightmares of it gorging on the umbral dragon's corpse inspired Uchurah to do so in reality and claim the camp for itself. It was then driven away from the camp with its followers up into Sekamina, where they have been raiding nearby drow and skum settlements. Although Uchurah's claims of divinity are nothing but a lie, its cult continues to thrive, and has the potential to become a powerful force in the Darklands.[1]