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About me

I have been playing Dungeons and Dragons for far longer than I care to remember, both as a DM and a player.

I became a Pathfinder charter subscriber following my disappointment at the cancellation of the print versions of Dungeon and Dragon magazine, and I've loved Golarion ever since.

My favourite region is the Mwangi Expanse, which I don't think gets the published support it deserves (although in my more rational moments I have to accept that there are plenty of regions which currently have no support at all outside of the Campaign Setting, [in which the Expanse gets double the page allocation of most countries] so I suppose I should be grateful for what I've got!)

Amethal was the name of my first 3rd edition character, an elf sorcerer who was seriously under-optimised (due to my ignorance) but was enormous fun to play. The wiki wouldn't let me be Amethal, so I had to be Amethal2. Unless there's been a coincidence of mind boggling proportions, the original Amethal must have been my own previously botched attempt to register on this site.

Amethal is my user name on EnWorld, CircvsMaximvs and Paizo (although I don't post much at Paizo and wouldn't say I was very prolific anywhere), It is also my user name at, if you want to marvel at my RPG collection :)

If you don't want to call me after an imaginary elf* then you can call me Jeff.

* last seen fleeing in terror from the Temple of Elemental Evil and vowing never to return, or at least not until the DM agreed to consider the wealth per level guidelines in the DMG

My contributions

My favorite pages

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