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Hi! My name is Kai, and I've been GMing pathfinder second edition for little over a year now. In that time I've become extrmeely engrossed in the lore of the setting, and early on in my time this wiki became an invaluable resource for me. However, it's not perfect, and in it I saw some things I could do to improve and expand it.

I never played first edition, and as such I don't have any kind of attachment to the way things "used to be" in the world, so one of the main things I've been doing is updating as many pages as possible to whatever recent changes have occurred in the world. This includes changing places that say "Sargava" to say "Vidrian", updating who the leaders of certain nations are, changing names where they've been changed in 2e (ie "skinwalker" to "beastkin") and things like that. I hope my contributions can help to continue the endless stream of improvements and additions that are necessary to maintain a wiki of a constantly changing world like Golarion.