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I'm from Ireland, my D&D career began with a Paizo published Dungeon magazine (#116), and I soon after trekked to Dublin, and bought the books, then began playing games for and with my friends.

I'm a massive fan of all things Golarion, and run my major games and one-off's there consistently.

Supplemental Rules for PFRPG

Mine are simple constructs designed to keep the tone of PFRPG complete while adding some nice golarion specific elements. As such it focuses mainly on feats and alternate domains and feats.

-Thaumaturge -Demon Domain, Feat -now alternate cleric, many old abilities preserved. -Wizard Schools- 10 New (Clockwork Mage- Absalom, Devil Binder- Cheliax, Shadow Mage- Nidal, Magesmith- Dwarf, Awean(Gifted)- Elf, Elementalist/Thaumaturgist- Osirion, Shiribaz/Genie summoner- Qadira, Magaambya- Mwangi Exapnse, Wu-Jen- Tian Xia, Varnayati(Baladata orphan girls)- Vudra)


-Sorcerer Bloodlines (Axiomite, Protean)

Wiki Projects

-Gods- Nethys (/) Gozreh (/) Torag (/)

Cayden Cailean ( ) Calistria ( ) Norgorber ( ) Iomedae ( ) Irori (/)

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