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An Dynasty Scrapbook

The Osirian pharaohs of the An Dynasty ruled the ancient empire from sometime in the second millennia[1] of the Age of Destiny until the disappearance of An-Hepsu XI in -1768 AR.[2] Over more than 8 centuries, this line of 11 pharaohs ruled the land, many of whom are still known today for their deeds in life and the great monuments to their accomplishments which stand millennia later.


Below is a compilation of known information about the reigning members of the An-Hepsu Dynasty.

An-Hepsu I

Known as the Pharaoh of Seven Faces, An-Hepsu I is buried beneath the Seven Stelae in the Osirian Desert.[3] Specific dates of An-Hepsu I's life and rule are unknown to modern scholars.[4]

An-Hepsu II


  1. Pharaoh An-Hepsu II founded the city of Totra in -2587 AR. Depending on the length of his reign before this date and the length of his predecessor's reign, this places the start of the dynasty approximately 100 years earlier.
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