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Hi there, and welcome to my user page! My name is Mark Moreland and I'm one of PathfinderWiki's Administrators. You can often find me posting far too often on the official Paizo messageboards, as well as the unofficial chat room. What time I don't spend in Paizoland is spent here. And playing and running Pathfinder games of course.

In March 2010, I made my first official contribution to the Pathfinder line and have since written several Pathfinder Society scenarios and a number of Pathfinder Adventure Path player's guides, among other products. You can see my contributor bio page here. In September 2010, I was hired by Paizo to work in house developing Pathfinder Society Scenarios and maintaining canon across their numerous product lines. I try to remain as active on the wiki as I can, despite my new responsibilities to make the cool products the wiki chronicles.

In 2012, I retroactively received the Paizo Volunteer of the Year award for 2010 for my work on the PathfinderWiki project. While only my name appears on the plaque, the honor is shared with all of the great Chroniclers here on the site. I made sure to thank everyone who's ever edited here when I accepted the award, which you can hear on the Know Direction PaizoCon 2012 Banquet podcast at around timecode 33:30.

Since 2020, I have been Paizo's Director of Brand Strategy.

If you want to ask me anything or just stop in to say hello, please do so!

Contact me!

I can be reached via email, Twitter, or Facebook.

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  • Find better ways to grow the community through the use of social networking or blogging.
  • Increase efficiency with use of YodaBot.
  • Stay up to date on product pages and contributor credits pages
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