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This chronicler is a clockwork controlled by Yoda8myhead(Contribs)
If the program is malfunctioning, or you disagree with some changes, please add a note on the Owner's talk page.

Things YodaBot can do

There are a lot of things YodaBot can do, all of it quickly, efficiently, and behind the scenes. The following are just a few of these tasks:

Article creation

  • Automatically upload pre-written articles en masse.
(See here for information on how to format new pages for automatic uploading)

Category maintenance

  • Move all articles in a given category to a new category. Can both create new category and delete old category in the process.
  • Remove all articles from a category.


  • Delete all articles in a given category. Can also delete the empty category in the process.
  • Delete articles from a specified list.


  • Replace one template with another
  • Add a designated template to either the top or bottom of a list of articles or all articles in a given category.
  • Add a piped parameter to all versions of a template in a given category, on a list of articles, or in all instances of the template
  • Remove all instances of a template across the entire wiki, within a given category, or from a specified list of articles

About YodaBot

YodaBot uses the Pywikipediabot series of scripts maintained by MediaWiki. If you're technically minded, feel free to take a look at the manual for these scripts to see what additional functionality the bot has, and make more detailed requests. If you really know what you're doing and want to just post a series of python commands on the bot's talk page, running them is as simple as copying and pasting them.