Valinqui Rasiurein

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Valinqui Rasiurein
Titles High Commandant of the Fighting Society
Alignment Lawful evil
Race/Species Drow
Class Fighter 15
Gender Male
Homeland Harrowspire, Sekamina
Organization Fighting Society

Source: Into the Darklands, pg(s). 40

Valinqui Rasiurein is the current drow High Commandant of the Fighting Society, headquartered in the fortress of Harrowspire in the Darklands realm of Sekamina.[1]


Rasiurein dislikes the ostentatious clothes that most drow wear, preferring an almost spartan appearance. He is covered by numerous scars given to him by various ambitious ex-students, but refuses to wear armor, believing that it restricts his movement while fighting.[1]


Unusually deliberative and methodical for his race, Rasiurein waits for one of the feuding noble houses of Zirnakaynin to emerge as a clear victor so that he may throw the support of his school behind them. The ambitious Matriarch of House Azrinae has recently caught his attention, and he has even gone as far as to invite her to Harrowspire, which she has so far refused.[1]


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