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Source: Heavy is the Crown, pg(s). 71

The massive city of Zirnakaynin (pronounced zeer-nuh-KAY-nin)1 was believed to be2 not only the largest drow settlement, but also the most populous city in the Darklands. It has stood for over eight millennia and spreads out over three enormous caverns in the realm of Sekamina, far below the surface nation of Nirmathas.3

In 4723 AR, Pathfinder Koriah Azmeren—the source of all known information about Zirnakaynin and the drow—amended her findings to reveal that much of what she had written, and which the Pathfinder Society had published, had been a fabrication designed to mask her perception of the greater threat posed by the sekmins, whose empire there had not collapsed but instead flourished4 and remained Sekamina's dominant force.5

In the retraction, Azmeren claimed that Zirnakaynin's true origins were unknown other than some architectural resemblences to Ayindilar elves and that the city was a sprawling, haunted ruin to which the sekmin prohibit all access.5


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