Vaylen Goldfield

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Vaylen Goldfield

Source: NPC Guide, pg(s). 10

Hailing from aristocratic Galt, Vaylen Goldfield spent his youth surrounded by comfort, wealth, and entitlement. Heir to a rich heritage of nobility, the Goldfield family held numerous physical and financial commodity investments: grape, spice, acorn, dye, precious metals, and minerals.1

The revolution in 4640 AR changed all of that. Great ruin was visited upon the Goldfield family: the members murdered, their retainers and bodyguards put to the noose, the manors and fields destroyed, and the wealth looted. Only Vaylen managed to successfully flee for his life.1

Homeless, hungry, and afraid, Vaylen stumbled across a group of wandering Varisians. He impressed them when they let him sing for his dinner, and showed him an ancient set of sheet music with the request that he teach them how to play its music. He did so, and unwittingly released an ancient evil. The music created a strange and terrible magic when played, and the Varisians were swept up by its power. Filled with euphoria, the leader of the Varisians explained to Vaylen that they were known as the Twilight Symphony, and that their goal was to find the disparate pages of an ancient symphony. The page that Vaylen had deciphered was but a fragment of the symphony, and should the fragments ever be reunited, the musician who commanded it would become great, and terrible.1

Vaylen was ordained into the cult, and now spends his days wandering the lands of Golarion searching for the fragments of the lost symphony, and dreaming of a day when he can return to Galt and wreak vengeance upon those that destroyed the Goldfield heritage.1


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