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Alignment Neutral evil
Race/Species Urdefhan
Class Fighter 9
Gender Female
Homeland Ilvarandin, Orv

Source: Lost Cities of Golarion, pg(s). 8

Vilthanter is the commander of Irith-Arnakian, the urdefhan fortress in the Urkalla district of Ilvarandin (one of the vaults of Orv, in the Darklands).

She has over 1,000 soldiers under her command, and new recruits must prove their worth by single-handedly recovering five skulls from the wilds of Ilvarandin. The empty skulls of victims of the intellect devourers bestow additional status.[1]

Most urdefhan males are sterile, and one quarter of childbirths result in the death of the mother.[2] This makes the fact that Vilthanter has survived five births, and in each case the sire was an urdefhan male, truly remarkable. Vilthanter previously defeated each of the sires in single combat.[3]