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Tim Hitchcock

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Tim Hitchcock
Tim Hitchcock
Born April 20, 1968
Hometown Pleasantville, NY
Position Freelance Contributor

Tim Hitchcock spends far too much time in his Coney Island science lab where he and his students perform numerous experiments dissecting small animals, igniting strips of manganese dioxide, and trying to determine the molecular structure of Twinkies.

In 2002, Tim was struck by passion for writing RPG material (or more accurately, was seeking alternate ways to pay for his gaming habit), and began submitting articles and adventures regularly to both Dungeon and Dragon magazines. He has since freelanced for many RPG companies, and written and contributed to dozens of articles, adventures, and sourcebooks. He performs the majority of his writing for Paizo.

Pathfinder credits

Title Date Volume (Page)
Andoran, Birthplace of Freedom 1505May 2015 ABoF
Bestiary 20"Bestiary" #20 0803March 2009 PF20 (78)
Bestiary 38"Bestiary" #38 0910September 2010 PF38 (78)
Bestiary 45"Bestiary" #45 1105May 2011 PF45 (82)
Broken Chains 1303March 2013 BC
Broken Moon"Broken Moon" 1105May 2011 PF45 (6)
Carnival of Tears 0711November 2007 E1
Castles of the Inner Sea 1306June 2013 CotIS
Chasm of ScreamsThe Chasm of Screams 1101January 2011 PFS2-14
Darkest VengeanceThe Darkest Vengeance 1004April 2010 PFS47
Decline of Glory 0906June 2009 PFS24
Demon WithinThe Demon Within 0804April 2008 D3
Dragon Empires Primer 1201January 2012 DEP
Dvezda Marches"The Dvezda Marches" 1304April 2013 PF69 (68)
Eleder"Eleder" 0910September 2010 PF38 (58)
Encounter at the Drowning Stones 0910October 2009 PFS34
Faction Guide 1005May 2010 FG
Gremlin"Gremlin" 1305May 2013 FR (10)
Hall of Drunken Heroes 0912December 2009 PFS40
House of the Beast"House of the Beast" 0803March 2009 PF20 (6)
Hungry Are the Dead 0810October 2008 D4
Hydra's Fang IncidentThe Hydra's Fang Incident 0808August 2008 PFS2
Leprechaun"Leprechaun" 1305May 2013 FR (16)
Magic of Thassilon"Magic of Thassilon" 0712December 2007 PF5 (56)
Maiden, Mother, Crone"Maiden, Mother, Crone" 1304April 2013 PF69 (6)
More Magic of Thassilon"More Magic of Thassilon" 0712December 2007 PF5 (Web)
Nisroch"Nisroch" 0911November 2009 CoG (34)
Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained 1105May 2011 PFS2-22
Price of Infamy"The Price of Infamy" 1207July 2012 PF59 (6)
Race for the Runecarved Key 1208August 2012 PFS4-00
Racing to RuinRacing to Ruin 0910September 2010 PF38 (6)
Saint Casperian"Saint Caspieran's Salvation" 0808August 2008 PF13 (63)
Seekers of Secrets 0910October 2009 SoS
Stolen Land"Stolen Land" 1003March 2010 PF31 (6)
To Scale the Dragon 0903March 2009 PFS16
The Waking Rune 1307July 2013 PFS4-26
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