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Vyron Jethezme

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Vyron Jethezme
Aliases Shank
Race/Species Human (Varisian)
Gender Male
Homeland Shank's Wood, Varisia
Organization Sczarni
Died Yes

Source: Pathfinder 2, pg(s). 23-24

Vyron "Shank" Jethezme grew up as a Sczarni thug in the city of Sandpoint. After getting into a fight with his sister's lover in a back-ally, he stabbed him to death. This forced him to run from the law, and he escaped to a unnamed forest (which subsequently gained his name, Shank's Wood, because of this) an hour's walk east of town.[1] He built a shack, the Shankshack, in the woods[2] and made a living ambushing travelers[1] for 3 years. This continued until he attacked a disguised faceless stalker. This stalker, named Varuuzus, killed him, backtracked him to the shack, and took over his life.[2]


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