Shank's Wood

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Shank's Wood is a small forest a couple of miles east of the town of Sandpoint along the Lost Coast of Varisia. The woods were unnamed until Vyron "Shank" Jethezme took up residence a few years ago. Shank was fleeing Sandpoint after killing an acquaintance in a fight. After several years of frequently ambushing both travelers and goblins, he is still seen occasionally by those out hunting. 1


Pine and eucalyptus make up most of the trees in the wood, with blackberry bushes, cottonwood, manzanita, and pygmy oak creating the underbrush.1


In addition to Shank, the Seven Tooth goblin tribe lives in these woods, as do a few bugbears, firepelt cougars, and wild boars (although fewer than the nearby Tickwood). The bugbears attack the goblins as much as they do travelers, traveling far out of the wood to make their attacks on humans. Even the goblins living in the wood have adopted this tactic, usually limiting their raids to the leftovers at Sandpoint's Junk Beach.1

The goblins have been harassed by harpies from the small, rocky islands to the north known as the Three Cormorants, as well as the bugbears that live in the woods. 1 They have in turn created a game called "Grig Fiddlin'" which has driven off many of the region's grig population.2

Notable locations

The Shankshack is where the wood's namesake built his home base after fleeing Sandpoint3


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