White Stewards

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White Stewards
Type Commercial
Leader Trepek Gorny
Headquarters Trezira, Irrisen
Scope Regional

Source: Irrisen, Land of Eternal Winter, pg(s). 12

White Stewards is the most respected and successful "ice cleaving" company of Trezira. In 4623 AR Queen Elvanna granted the monopoly of the "ice cleaving" vital task on the Frozen Road River to the small town Trezira. Teams of fur-clad ice wardens sail up and down the Frozen Road all through the year dealing with the ice that constantly threatens the flow of life-sustaining foodstuffs, lumber, and other goods. They use their distinctive "breaker barges".[1]

The White Stewards company is led by Trepek Gorny. Trepek is a laconic man who lost his twin sons in 4713 AR in a ice cleaving run 20 miles west of Chillblight. The other six companies that are involved in the ice cleaving business are trying to exploit Trepek's mourning, spreading rumors that Trepek's sympathies lie with the town of Atvan, which has long coveted Trezira's lucrative monopoly.[1]


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