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Zimar Corsairs

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Zimar Corsairs
Type Military
Headquarters Zimar, Taldor
Goals Harass Qadiran ships
Scope Regional (Taldor and Qadira)
Members Pirates

Source: Taldor, Echoes of Glory, pg(s). 13

The Zimar Corsairs are pirates of the Jalrune River pressed into service as privateers by the Taldan Imperial Navy to patrol the river and the southeastern Inner Sea region and sink Qadiran merchant vessels. The privateers also enslave merchant ships to add both ship and crew to their numbers. Their home base lies in Zimar. The corsairs are a quasi-legal part of the Imperial Navy, which finances their operations. Each captain of a corsair galley gets a Letter of Mark that both identifies them as a full captain of the navy and grants them some legal protections in the case they fall into enemy hands.[1][2]