Jalrune River

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The Jalrune River is part of Taldor's southern border with Qadira, and is named after the assassinated Grand Prince Jalrune. The river's mouth stretches 30 miles across at its widest point, and is filled with hidden coves. One hundred miles upriver, it winds through the Border Wood, southwest of Zimar. After the Border Wood, the river splits north and south. The north branch, which keeps the name Jalrune River, grows narrow as it winds northeast, thinning to stretches of treacherous rapids just after Zimar, and climbing into the World's Edge Mountains toward its headwaters. The south branch is called Ladan River1(also known as River of Qadira) and it winds south into Qadira. The Zimar Corsairs make the river dangerous for ships not flying the crown-and-lion flag. They destroy or capture any other ship approaching the river, especially the Qadiran or Kelish ships. For the part of the river in the area of Border Wood, bandits and monsters are often a problem as well. After Zimar, various ogre and hill giant clans, as well as several nests of dark nagas, and marauding Qadiran patrols, are always a threat.2

The northern bank of the Jalrune is heavily patrolled by Taldan cataphracts operating out of several ancient and neglected keeps.3