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Evil landscape.jpg
Titles Outer Rifts
Sphere Outer Sphere
Alignment Chaotic evil
Denizens Demons
Chaotic evil outsiders
Chaotic evil souls
Description Infinite fiendish layers of madness

The Abyss (pronounced uh-BIS)[1] is a plane in the Outer Sphere dedicated to the rule of evil unfettered by law. It is accessible through huge rents in the Maelstrom, opening into fiendish depths, vast beyond imagining. Sporadically, the demonic occupants of the Abyss will pour from these rents to menace one plane or another, and sometimes even tear their way into the Material Plane.

The Abyss is possessed of many layers, strung together by the River Styx. Many of these planes are ruled by powerful and unique demon lords or, indeed, gods.

Realms in the Abyss

Full article: Abyssal realm
The Abyssal realms are pockets in which the fabric of the Abyss has slowed its relentless, changing insanity to a near-reality pace. These places are often ruled by a demon lord, either thanks to the lord's own power over the area, or simply because demon lords are attracted to a place to build a fortress and armies. Some Abyssal realms have remained relatively unchanged for aeons and these are designated as anchored realms, or anchor realms.[2]


The Abyss is covered in detail within the pages of Lords of Chaos, Book of the Damned Volume 2. It also features in an extensive article in The Midnight Isles called 'Gazetteer of the Abyss'.

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