2664 AR

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Age of Enthronement
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2664 AR in people

  • In Tian Xia, courtiers from the ancient empire of Yixing first attempt to formalize the drinking of tea, or cha in their language. These customs eventually grow into the highly ritualized chadao, or tea ceremony.12
  • Aolin, former emperor of Yixing, is incapacitated by Pu Duo and a small team of Silk Network agents during the first chadao. This is the culmination of a centuries-long plot to bring Aolin to justice for a long conspiracy of murder and fratricide. They imprison Aolin in a secret, sealed, and heavily warded location.34

2664 AR in politics

  • After Aolin's secret incapacitation and imprisonment, Pu Duo covers up the act and forges several decrees that rewrite millennia of Yixing's history, destroy past writings, upends its systems of writing, and suggests that literacy allows commoners to curse rulers. This effectively erases knowledge of Aolin from history and begins Yixing's decline and eventual collapse.4

Deaths in 2664 AR


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