3205 AR

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Age of Enthronement
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3205 AR in conflicts

  • The country of Ustalav is besieged by the undead forces of the Whispering Tyrant. They are opposed by Ustalav's armies, and supported by the local church of Pharasma led by bishop Prince Adamondais Virholt wielding the holy mace Raven's Head. Sadly, they stand no chance against the undead archmage's powerful magic, and are destroyed.1
  • With the death of Prince Adamondais, the county of Virholt is left without a ruler. The bastard Prince Andriadus Virholt is appointed by the crown, but refuses to oppenly oppose the Whispering Tyrant's forces. Instead, he secretly joins with lycanthropic Sczarni to fight a guerilla-style war against the lich.1


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