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Virholt was one of the original sixteen counties into which King Kaldemov divided Ustalav in 2862 AR in order to avoid a civil war among the feuding Varisian noble families. A rugged land perched high in the Hungry Mountains, it was sadly also one of the first conquests of the reborn Whispering Tyrant in 3203 AR. During the centuries of his unnatural reign, it became a lifeless wilderness where no living thing could thrive. This blight was not lifted with the Whispering Tyrant's defeat in 3827 AR, and remains to the present day. The victors of the Shining Crusade combined Virholt with its equally desolate neighbor Grodlych, naming the territory Virlych. It remained a protectorate of the nation of Lastwall until that nation collapsed in 4719 AR, with frequent armed patrols who hunted down any undead that roamed the land near the Whispering Tyrant's prison, Gallowspire.1234


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