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A pack of werewolves stalks a tower's defenders.

Werewolves are one of the two most common forms of werecreature (the other is the wererat) and one of the most feared.1 They are also referred to as lycanthropes, a term that when used correctly applies only to werewolves but is sometimes misused to refer generically to werecreatures.2


Werewolves hunt in a similar manner to wolves, seeking out the weakest prey and wearing it down. Thus they prefer to target lone travellers and isolated dwellings and avoid large groups and heavily settled areas. They usually live together in extended family units known as packs. A pack will usually claim an area as its territory, and travel around within it. In humanoid form the pack might appear to be a gypsy caravan, a troupe of travelling entertainers, or even a party of adventurers. They sometimes seek to deliberately inflict lycanthropy on others and recruit them into the pack.

Occasionally several packs will inhabit the same general area. A single alpha werewolf may then rise to overall leadership of the packs, but will rule only so long as she retains the strength to enforce her will. The fall of the alpha leader generally leads to chaos and bloodshed.3

On Golarion

The Shudderwood in Ustalav is an example of one such region. Its packs include the Broken Ones, the Primals, the Prince's Wolves, the Demon Wolves and the Silverhides.4 As of 4713 AR, Moonscream Glade and the surrounding parts of the Shudderwood were also populated by fiendish werewolves.5


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