Aiudara wraith

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Aiudara wraith

Source: Broken Promises, pg(s). 78

Aiudara wraiths are undead creatures that coalesce from the imprints left behind on the Astral Plane by a creature that passes through an aiudara when the portal is damaged or when the individual is suffering from necromantic contagions.1 They can also be created by a creature frequently using an aiudara as they leave a faint psychic imprint on it each time they pass through.2


An aiudara wraith appears as a figure cloaked in ragged grey robes. The only sign of what lies beneath is the dark blue mist that drifts from the ragged edges of their robes, the pale eyes glowing beneath their hood, and the long, blade-like fingers of their hands.1


Aiudara wraiths are most commonly created when Dahak's soul-draining influence slays a creature within the void between portals in Alseta's Ring. Others appear from the collective psychic imprints of creatures that passed through a damaged aiudara or used an aiudara while suffering a necromantic affliction. Due to the gestalt nature of their origins, these wraiths live with an incomplete sense of self, hungering for memories which they think they once had but in truth never did, and grow violent and vengeful as their quest inevitably meets with failure.1


Their touch forcefully teleports other creatures, hurling them through space to reappear in the nearby environment wherever the aiudara wraith wishes. More frighteningly, it saps both physical and mental energies, and their foes report feelings of forgetfulness and temporary amnesia.1

Aiudara wraiths also have potent teleportation abilities. Rather than moving through space, they use localized teleportation to instantly appear at their destination. They can also parasitically attach themselves to the teleportation of others and travel with them.1


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